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  Module 7.2: Growing Your VA Business


Use your own voice. Stay true to yourself. Capture the perfect client by using your unique voice. Don’t copy someone else’s work, words, or ideas - if you do, make sure you give them credit.

Always add value to your clients’ lives. Learn how they started their business, where they want it to go, how they want it to grow. Research them by having conversations about their goals and needs. Be intuitive and you will be an amazing asset to their business.

Team up and network with other assistants and bloggers that can grow your business exponentially. This doesn’t mean being best friends with your direct competition, but teaming up with others that offer different services is a great way to grow. I don’t do design, so I tag people that do. They tag me in content creation posts since that’s my thing. It works well.

Be visible. This means being in the Facebook groups.

Build an email list from the get go. Even if you have no ideas on what to write in your newsletter, it’s crucial. What happens if you build your business on Facebook and then it disappears? Your email newsletter needs to be solid.

Have a clear purpose, goal, and game plan. Set yourself apart and be better than the rest. Your business will grow by word of mouth alone after some point. It didn’t take me long to know who was a good VA and who wasn’t (in the Facebook groups). I tag those that deliver awesome work, and most of them say they have too many clients now!

Brand yourself. I use the same profile picture across all social media. This makes you memorable.

Be strategic and always work towards your “end game” (SITS GIRLS). What’s your WHY? What’s your ultimate goal? Always work towards it.

Always continue your education. Whether it’s taking an online course to make you an expert spreadsheet creator, or watching a free webinar that teaches you how to grow your email list … keep learning and growing your knowledge base.

As you grow your business, keep in mind that it’s easy to take on too many clients and get behind. This is the #1 reason virtual assistants fail! They take on too much, too soon, and can’t deliver. Do not make this mistake! Once you get to the point of having “too many” clients, you’ll want to start outsourcing some of your tasks. For example, I have a VA who sends all of my invoices, tracks to make sure they’re paid, takes care of my email management, and schedules tweets for my blog. This frees up several hours of my time so I can do client work (which pays a lot more than what I pay a VA for simple tasks).